Choosing states from multistate features

In Lucid, all states in Features Available are provided with checkboxes. Choose a state by clicking on its checkbox. Entities that match the chosen state will remain in Entities Remaining; entities that do not match will be moved to Entities Discarded. The chosen state will also be displayed within the Features Chosen list.

Tip: In Lucid keys, you may choose more than one state for any given feature. For instance, if a key has a feature Flower colour with states white, cream, yellow, red, and blue, you may be unsure whether to choose the states white or cream for your specimen. In this case, choose both states. In normal identification mode (Matching Mode = ANY), Entities Remaining will list all entities with white or cream flowers.

Note: While the majority of keys have their Matching Mode set to 'ANY', if the Matching Mode happens to be set as 'AND', then the any Entities still within Entities Remaining must have all the selected states matched (scored). Following the example above this would mean the plant has white and cream flowers.