While Tropical Forages: an Interactive Selection Tool is the result of extensive collaboration between people and organisations from across the world over the past 3 years, a number of contributions require special mention:


No project can succeed without funding. We are grateful to ACIAR, GTZ and DFID* who provided the major funding for the project, with support from the partner research agencies, CSIRO, DPI&F (Qld), ILRI and CIAT.

Project Development

The many people who gave generously of their time and shared their experience at the workshops in Bangkok (Thailand), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Cali (Colombia), Stuttgart (Germany) and Brisbane (Australia).

Mathew Taylor & Damian Barnier (Identic Pty Ltd) for adaptation of the Lucid™ and Fact Sheet Fusion™ platforms to the specific needs of the Tropical Forages database, and software development advice.

Ginevre Marlow (CBIT, Univ. of Qld) for graphic design.

Alan Robertson, Werner Stür, Bela (Bert) Grof, Arthur Cameron and Trevor Hall for their contributions to the fine-tuning of the selection tool.

Chaisang Phaikaew, Le Hoa Binh, Peter Horne and Werner Stür for their roles in coordinating meetings in S.E. Asia.

Fact Sheets

Information for fact sheets and for the selection tool was derived from many sources. Key amongst these were the FAO databases

and the Prosea Foundation publication, "Plant Resources of South-East Asia No 4. Forages", (eds 't Mannetje, L. and Jones, R.M) , published by Pudoc Scientific Publishers, Wageningen, the Netherlands. 300p. (Line drawings reproduced in Tropical Forages with the kind permission of the Prosea Foundation remain the copyright of the Prosea Foundation and cannot be reproduced or downloaded without permission.) ( and Directory of Cities and Towns in World ( have provided valuable information in relation to climate and altitude cited in many of the fact sheets.

Fact sheet authors and reviewers.

The magnitude of the task of writing and reviewing the 180 forage fact sheets included in Tropical Forages is reflected by the number of people involved. Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged, together with the efforts of those whom we have inadvertently, and with sincere apologies, failed to mention.
Paulo Bardauil
Harry Bishop
Byron Burson
Arthur Cameron
Carrol Chambliss
John Clatworthy
Bob Clem
Maurie Conway
Bruce Cook
Kendrick Cox
John Dube
Glen Fukumoto
Chris Gardiner
Bob Gillen
Albrecht Glatzle
Dave Goodenough
Bert Grof
Ross Gutteridge
Trevor Hall
Wayne Hannah
Michael Hare
Morris Hauck
John Hopkinson
Colin Hughes
Liana Jank
Dick Jones
Bob Joy
David Lloyd
Don Loch
Barbara Maarsdorp
Col Middleton
John Miles
Paul Mislevy
Ben Mullen
Rachel O'Brien
Nguyen Xuan Ba
Pekka Nygren
Bill Ocumpaugh
David Officer
David Orr
Rob Paterson
Bruce Pengelly
Michael Peters
Esteban Pizarro
Norman Rethman
Guy Roberge
Alan Robertson
Glenn Sakamoto
Manuel Sanchez
Wal Scattini
Axel Schmidt
Rainer Schultze-Kraft
Kev Shaw
Tim Springer
Ian Staples
Derrick Thomas
Bernard Toutain
Paul Voigt
Mimi Williams


Images were collected from many institutional and private sources around the world. A small number were downloaded from the internet. All images are © Copyright, with details embedded in each image.

Large collections of photographs (usually with unnamed photographers) were provided by the following organisations:

CIAT (Colombia)
CSIRO (Australia)
DPI & F (Australia)
ILRI (Ethiopia)
NSWDPI (Australia)
Univ. of Qld (Australia)

Thanks are due to the following people who supplied photographs. Some supplied many images, and others, an essential few. The photographer, where known, is acknowledged on each photograph used.
Harry Bishop
Stuart Brown
Byron Burson
Arthur Cameron
Bob Clem
Bruce Cook
Deryck Cooksley
Kendrick Cox
Neal Dalgliesh
John Donnelly
David Eagles
Bernie English
Chris Gardiner
Bob Greenfield
Bryan Hacker
Cristine Hall
Trevor Hall
Jean Hanson
Jacqui Hill
Jim Holmes
John Hopkinson
Roger Jones
David Lloyd
Cam McDonald
Col Middleton
Bill Mills
Ben Mullen
Pekka Nygren
Bill Ocumpaugh
David Officer
Rameshwar Pande
Ian Partridge
Bruce Pengelly
Michael Peters
John Rains
Mike Robertson
Wal Scattini
Rainer Schultze-Kraft
Kev Shaw
Max Shelton
Richard Silcock
Bevin Smith
Ian Staples
Werner Stur
Anthony Whitbread
Graeme Wilson

Images that were downloaded from the internet were used with the permission of the copyright holders.


Over 8000 references have been selected by Mr John Donnelly (CSIRO) and are included in both the CD and web versions of this product. Most references were selected from the CAB Abstracts website and are used with permission of CAB International.
References may be used for normal citation purposes. However, the abstracts remain the copyright of CAB International (© 2005 CAB International) and can only be used by permission of the holder.
Thanks also to staff at the Cunningham Library, CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia, for their help in sourcing information, and in putting together the final product.

BiblioExpress Reference Manager

The CD-ROM version of Tropical Forages uses the freeware edition 'BiblioExpress Reference Manager' to access the more than 8000 selected references (see above).
Further information can be found at


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Dr Bruce Pengelly (project leader)